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25 Dec


Pocket watches & antique gadgets

December 25, 2011 | By |

While visiting my family over the holidays, I happened upon some old (as in very old) watches that have been in the household for as long as I can think. As it sometimes happens, I hadn’t really paid any attention to them, but had a closer look just now.

I’m going to investigate further, and try to find out where they come from. Are they old family pieces, from my grandfather or even his grandfather? Or did someone pick them up at a flea market at some point?

I don’t know much about these watches at this point. What I know is that they’re in relatively bad repair, and seem to be of very different age as well as build quality. But that’s all I could tell from a quick glance. If anyone here knows about this kind of pocket watches, let me know. I’ll collect more photos in this Flickr set.

The second thing I know is that I’m absolutely fascinated by the design, the intricate details and the working of these timepieces. Can’t wait to dig deeper.