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27 Jun


neural networks, infomorphs, B-Corps, normalcy, weirding. more random connections to figure out.

June 27, 2012 | By |

A neural network computer at Google X Labs that “basically invented the concept of a cat” algorithmically. Weavrs, infomorphs that can put together slide decks semi-autonomously, among many other things. The IoT Bill of Rights draft. B-Corps. The Manufactured Normalcy Field and this Foo session’s notion of normalizing vs weirding things.

Manufactured Normalcy Field board
Image by atduskgreg (CC by-nc-sa)

More seemingly random ideas, notions, manifestations that are on my radar and that my mind tries to connect in useful, insightful ways, and that don’t fully line up just yet. Writing these down now for future reference, and to see if the act of throwing them into the same blog post might help me make more sense of the clustering.


  1. I really enjoy these posts – they usually pull me into something completely new (Weavr sounds really interesting). So, please, keep tossing your ideas around!

  2. haha, alright, i might just do that..