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06 Dec


New old office with new old roommate

December 6, 2012 | By |

New Office

I’m posting this from a new office. And I love the feeling of a brand new office, when there’s nothing set up but a few desks and chairs (in this case, just temporary fillers while we’re waiting for the real stuff to be delivered), laptop and some post-its with lists of stuff to still organize. To me this short moment has something almost magical – not least because it’s fleeting by definition. After all, a few minutes later you gotta get to work!

So, basics first: Yes, still Berlin. In fact, still in Kreuzberg, and just a few blocks from where I worked before. I love this neighborhood, and was psyched when this opportunity came up.

It’s a new office, but it’s also a bit of a home coming for me in several ways. One, once again I’m subletting from my friends Panorama3000. A few years ago I shared an office with them already, back in 2008/09 or so, and we worked on a bunch of projects together back then. That was in a former P3000 office, though, up in Prenzlauer Berg. It’s a whole different world now: Back then, we heated with coal ovens – old school East Berlin!

I’m also sharing with an old new room mate – Matt Patterson, who I had invited to work from the Third Wave HQ before when he first moved to Berlin, and who joins me here in this new place.

For a few months I had been doing the laptop worker thing, working from a mix of cafés, home and friends’ offices, but also a lot while on the road as I had a crazy travel schedule. That was brilliant for the time being, but now it truly feels good to set up a new HQ. If you’re around, swing by and say hi. There’s coffee, too.


  1. simon

    panorama3000. hihi, sehr schöne erinnerung. möge der winter weniger kalt werden als im alten büro.

  2. Hihi, allerdings. Und ja, es ist mollig warm.