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Clients & Affiliations

This list shows some clients I have worked with in one role or another – through my current company or as a freelancer before.

In alphabetical order, clients include: A&B, ADC, ARTE, American University of Afghanistan, Bertelsmann Stiftung, Deutsche Welle, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Google, Burda, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, medinet AG, Netzpiloten, SPD/Jusos, SinnerSchrader/NEXT Berlin, T-Systems MMS, Tumblr, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), Wolters Kluwer, as well as a number of digital agencies and public broadcasters.

If you’re working on something exciting and think we should work together, please get in touch.



I am (or was) non-commercially involved in

Groups I am (or was) affiliated with

on-going (in alphabetical order, last updated Jan 2014):

retired/on hold/discontinued:

Disclosure policy

I will do my best at all times to fully disclose my affiliations or if I am a stakeholder in what I write about in this blog if it has any business-related relevance. If I’m under an NDA or a client asks me not to be listed and gives good reasons, I will not disclose the details here, but in this case I would not write about said project/client/thing. (This happens very rarely.) Small once-off gigs might also not be listed. If it is even in the least relevant (endorsements, blog posts etc), I will of course fully disclose any client relationships.