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10 Nov


That was ThingsConAMS

November 10, 2014 | By |

Last weekend, ThingsCon came to Amsterdam as ThingsConAMS on the occasion of’s 20th anniversary, and what fun it was. The team around Iskander Smit and Monique van Dusseldorp pulled off a great line-up of speakers – incl. Alper Çu?un, Brendan Dawes, Aduén Darriba, Theo Gevers, Elisa Giaccardi, Rafi Haladjian, Antoine Hogenboom, Ianus Keller, Raimo van der Klein, Rob van Kranenburg, Jeroen Langendam, Martin van Rijn, Koen Schellekens, Marcel Schouwenaar, Scott Smith, Freek van ‘t Ooster, Amin Zayani, Omar Tegel and many more – and an all-round energetic, inspiring event. (For more photos, see this Flickr set.)

A big thank you to Monique and Iskander as well as supporters and

My mini keynote slides are on Slideshare.

For ThingsCon, this first local satellite event was an important experiment. We’d love to grow the ThingsCon network into a truly global family.

07 Nov


ThingsConAMS: The State of Things

November 7, 2014 | By |

This weekend I’m in Amsterdam for ThingsConAMS, our first satellite event for ThingsCon. The Monique, Iskander and the team have done a fantastic job bringing the atmosphere and energy of ThingsCon to Amsterdam.

Above, the slides for my keynote. Enjoy!

24 Oct


ThingsCon comes to Amsterdam

October 24, 2014 | By |


On November 7, our friends Iskander Smit and Monique van Dusseldorp are bringing ThingsCon to Amsterdam as a local one-day event. With support from, they planned for a full day of both hands-on workshops and inspiring talks.

The line-up is pretty sweet indeed, speakers include Alper Çugun (Hubbub), Brendan Dawes, Harald Feijth (Chamber of Commerce), Prof. Dr. Elise Giaccardi (TU Delft), Rafi Haladjian (, Dr. Ianus Keller (For Inspiration Only), Raimo van der Klein (Legendary Studio), Rob van Kranenburg (Council Internet of Things), Martin van Rijn (TNO), Marcel Schouwenaar (The Incredible Machine), Iskander Smit (, Scott Smith (Changeist), Freek van’t Ooster ( Media), Omar Tegel (Top Vision Group), and yours truly.

If you’re there, make sure to say hi!

Learn more about the program and register for ThingsCon Amsterdam today.

14 Oct


A new team for UIKonf!

October 14, 2014 | By |

A few weeks ago, my UIKonf partners Chris, Matt & I decided that we wouldn’t have the bandwidth to run & grow the event in 2015. I’m super happy that our blog post about our plans found the exact right response – a new team stepped forward to take over from us. We couldn’t be happier as this team is excellent, knows the event series inside out and just, well, gets it. We’ll all stay around to help out of course as we wouldn’t want to just drop out of the whole thing. It’s too good and too much fun to abandon the event, we just can’t be the leads.

Engin, Maxim & Sabine, you rock! This is going to be great!

More updates as soon, straight from the new team, at