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21 Dec


Monthnotes for December 2016

December 21, 2016 | By |

These are the last #monthnotes for 2016 (duh!), so they are part of a double feature of sorts together with my annual look back (part work, part personal) at the year over on my personal blog: That was 2016.

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04 Dec


New newsletter: What’s happening in the world of responsible tech?

December 4, 2016 | By |

Note: Cross-posting this from the ThingsCon blog.

We know there’s a lot of great work happening around the world that promotes human-centric IoT and responsible, empowering technology. But when we were looking for a good overview we couldn’t find one!

So we decided to try creating that ourselves, in the most simple format we could think of: A monthly newsletter consisting of a list of countries, and the 3 most interesting projects from each countries, curated by a trusted local expert. (All credit for the idea goes to Monique van Dusseldorp. Thanks Monique!)

From time to time, we might be partnering up with other organizations or networks who work along the same lines and co-produce the newsletter—for example GIG, where Max is heavily involved.

Meet “Best of responsible tech around the world”, our new monthly newsletter! (The name is still a bit of a mouthful, so that might still change.)

What exactly is the content going to be, you ask? In terms of format, it’s going to be pretty straight forward: A list of up to three links per country with a 1-sentence explanation for context. In terms of projects featured, we’ll try a you know it when you see it approach und trust our local experts to pick the most interesting. It’s going to be human curation at its best!

We’d do this with a new newsletter list, published under the ThingsCon label, with full credit given to the local experts and published under Creative Commons (BY-NC-SA), so everyone can use and share that content non-commercially).

We aim to send this out once a month. It’s an experiment for us: if there’s enough demand, we’ll keep it up, otherwise we’ll retire the list, no harm done!

25 Nov


Monthnotes for October & November 2016

November 25, 2016 | By |

First of all, apologies: It seems I skipped the monthnotes for October without even noticing. It certainly wasn’t for lack of stuff to write about. More likely the contrary: It was a crazy busy couple of months. So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

Shopping for 2016 ThingsCon lanyards in Shenzhen from ThingsConAMS on Vimeo.

A quick teaser video from our trip to Shenzhen, China.

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27 Oct


ThingsCon in London, Shanghai, Shenzhen & Amsterdam

October 27, 2016 | By |

Note: cross-posting this from the ThingsCon blog

We have an exciting few weeks coming up for ThingsCon with four great events in (just about) as many weeks:

London (29 Oct): At Mozfest, as part of a whole day of Good Home activities, Peter will be hosting a session titled “ThingsCon: Responsible IoT for Consumer Rights Orgs“. We want to support consumer rights organizations in this area and are looking for allies, so we’ll be hosting a group discussion of the major pitfalls and opportunities for consumer rights groups in that area. If you’re at Mozfest, come swing by!

Shanghai (4 Nov) & Shenzhen (10 Nov): In November we’ll team up with Simone Rebaudengo for a ThingsCon Salon Shanghai. Then, moving on to Shenzhen, we’ll be co-hosting another salon with the Just Things Foundation and Mozilla Open IoT Studio. More details soon.

Amsterdam (1-2 Dec): Early December, ThingsCon Amsterdam is on once more. It’s the biggest ThingsCon event of the year, and you really don’t want to miss this one. The speaker line-up is just getting started and already is mind-blowing. Among the confirmed speakers you’ll find stars like Usman Haque (Umbrellium), Ame Elliot (Simply Secure), David Li (Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab), Justyna Zubrycka (Vai Kai), Alper Çu?un (writer), Susan Cox-Smith (Changeist), Ricardo Brito (Futurice), Michelle Thorne (Mozilla Foundation) and many more. Next to the plenary speakers program we will give a lot of attention to the in-depth sessions both on Thursday and Friday morning. Expect these around farm-hacking, the internet of bikes, the sneaking smart home, product as agents, fashion tech, design fiction, IoT design tools for ideation, smart citizen and many more. One session we’d like to highlight is a deep dive into the Shenzhen internet of things approach where David Li and ThingsCon delegation to Shenzhen share their experiences. Registration is open and we know from experience that the event will sell out, so register now:

See you at a ThingsCon near you!

30 Sep


Monthnotes for September 2016

September 30, 2016 | By |

August had been quiet-productive; September was a little crazy. So much going on, all back to back, side by side, on top of each other. To name just a few, at a strategy retreat we officially took ThingsCon into a new phase (v2!), had another Ignite, brought the Good Home to London Design Festival. More below!

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30 Aug


Monthnotes for August 2016

August 30, 2016 | By |

August felt like it came and went, and only while writing up these notes did I realize just how busy and productive this month was. So let’s take a long breath and then head on right into a fall that’s shaping up to be quite exciting & exhilarating.

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28 Jul


Monthnotes for July 2016

July 28, 2016 | By |

July has been a nicely productive month: Not traveling much certainly helps to get stuff done! The primary focus this month was on in-house projects which tend to fall through the cracks a bit during travel months: ThingsCon, Good Home, Ignite.

I took stock of what happened so far in 2016 here at TWC. It’s a quick read, and hopefully a solid overview. For now, let’s stick to this month.

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