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Featured work and projects. A large part of my client work is confidential or internal in nature and hence not fit for sharing in a portfolio. Here are some public-facing and shareable projects (some for clients, most self-initiated) I have worked on to date in various contexts. Please note that these projects include some of which I worked on outside the context of The Waving Cat (as a freelancer before, etc). They are listed here because they help illustrate some of the topics I’ve engaged with extensively over time.


ThingsCon is a two-day conference about the future of hardware and the Internet of Things. Co-organizing this as an independent event with Max Krüger, Emanuel Schwarz and Simon Höher. (website)

Understanding the Connected Home

Thoughts on living in tomorrow’s connected home. Co-authored with Michelle Thorne (September 2015). Available as an ebook. (website.)


Connected tracks the evolving Internet of Things ecosystem. Edited jointly with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino, this collection of essays is published (sporadically) as a newspaper. (inactive. website)

The Good Home

We are building a pop-up urban living unit for the 21st century. It will showcase how a technologically-savvy household could live when they live (and sometimes don’t live) at home in the near future. In collaboration with Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino (Designswarm.) (website)


Dearsouvenir is a digital travel and shopping magazine that helps explore a destination through souvenirs and the delightful stories behind them. In collaboration with Wolfgang Macht & Carry-On Publishing. (website)

Ignite Berlin

Ignite is a global event series for lightning talks of 5 minutes each. I’ve been organizing Ignite Berlin since 2010, first with Matt Biddulph, then with my collaborators Claudia Rauch and Yasmina Haryono. Enlighten us, but make it quick! (website)


The Indie Conference Organizer Handbook is a practical handbook to running an independent event. Co-published with Max Krüger online and on Kindle. (website)

Interaction 16

Interaction is the annual interaction design conference built around the global community of interaction designers, IxDA. Together with Sami Niemelä of IxDA Helsinki, I serve as co-chair of Interaction 16. (website)


UIKonf is Berlin’s first English-language iOS developer conference. Co-founded with Matt Patterson and Chris Eidhof in 2013, handed over to a new team in 2015. (website)


NEXT is one of Europe’s leading digital business conferences. I’ve supported SinnerSchrader as curator or program director of NEXT since 2011. Disclosure: NEXT/SinnerSchrader are a client of mine. (website)

The Alpine Review

The Alpine Review is an annual print magazine and a compendium of ideas for a world in transition. In my own words, a mag by our tribe for our tribe. I served as editor-at-large for the first two issues. (website)

Makers Make

Makers Make aimed to allow independent product designers more easily to get from idea to market. Co-founded with Natasha Carolan and discontinued after research and concept phase.