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To lead and advance the field, you need to look ahead and understand what’s on the horizon—and what’s possible. In future-facing areas like emerging tech, quantitative research doesn’t cut it: We provide—and help you apply—the qualitative research so you stay ahead of the curve.

This includes a wide range of methods and types of input and output. Because we are tapped into the backchannels of a large network of leading experts and collaborators, we have a powerful and fine-tuned radar for the near future.

With a training in classic social sciences, years of experience doing qualitative research (academic, expert interviews, desk research, etc.), field research across the globe (like a series of recent trips to Shenzhen, China) and writing for a wide range of organizations: We know how to gather, distill, and package insights so they can be applied effectively. And through our focus especially on responsible Internet of Things we are actively contributing and shaping this field, too.

This research is informed by—and feeds back into—our own research, events, publications, and products. For example:

We work with forward-facing organizations that know or want to learn how to take advantage of these types of insights to expand their opportunity space, quality of work, and markets—and put them to use for positive social impact.

You’ll see outsized positive impact by the time other organizations only just start to get underway to catch up.

The results speak for themselves.