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We explore the impact and opportunities of emerging technologies—especially Internet of Things (#iot). As a boutique consultancy we help organizations excel in an environment shaped by connectedness, uncertainty and rapid change.

We work with organizations who strive to shape their field rather than follow. We help identify opportunities to do just that—and have a global network of leading experts by our side. In everything we do, we take a responsible & human-centered approach to technology, business and culture.

Sounds abstract? It’s not! To give you a better feeling for the type of projects we do, consider this: We’ve researched smart cities for the German government, and developed policy recommendations to make sure that smart cities work as well for their citizens as their governments. We’ve helped shape the R&D and product roadmap for automotive and electronics companies, and helped global tech companies shape their IoT policy. And we’ve provided lots and lots of research and strategic advice to clients across all industries. The range includes strategy, research, innovation, policy—often in combination.

We work in English and German. Based in Berlin, happy to travel.


Services for clients:

Innovation & strategy consultancy

Private company, public sector or not-for-profit: I’ll help your organization excel in an environment defined by digitization, connectedness and rapid change. From business, product and R&D strategy to policy advisory to forecasting, from open innovation to digital transformation: I can help you navigate uncharted waters and identify strategic opportunities.

Think of it as future proofing.
Let’s discuss how I can help you.

Recent project examples

  1. For a federal government: Research & policy recommendations around the political, social and technological implications of “smart cities”
  2. For a global tech company: IoT policy advisory and development
  3. For a think tank: Research on opportunities of Internet of Things (IoT) for agriculture and smart cities

Here’s an overview of highlight projects over the last year. For current projects, scroll to the footer of this page or jump to /now.

Self-initiated activities:

Products, services and publications

The Waving Cat translates insights into products or publications. These projects usually happen in close collaboration with external partners, and are often exploratory in nature: Consider it our in-house lab. So far, this has included two magazines (Dearsouvenir, Connected), two ebooks (Understanding the Connected Home, TICOH), an executive briefing about emerging technologies (The Imaginary Unit), an exploration of ideas for 21st century living (The Good Home), and prototypes in various stages of completion. You can find most of them on the Projects page.

Emerging technology conferences

Conferences are a great way to explore the impacts of emerging technologies. My expertise, my radar for interesting topics, and my network put me in a unique position to curate world class events. Among others, I co-founded and chaired the conferences ThingsCon (IoT), UIKonf (iOS development), Cognitive Cities (smart cities), and atoms&bits (maker movement); co-directed NEXT Conference 2012-15; and served as co-chair for Interaction16. For a complete list, see the Projects page.

Areas of engagement

My work focuses mostly on impact and opportunities of (internet-related) technologies—on the technologies, business models, and policies that the internet enables or leverages in new and meaningful ways. Over the last few years this has included areas including:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) & connected products/services
  • Connected homes, smart cities & connected mobility
  • Responsible IoT and empowering technology
  • Open innovation practices


Typical engagements include R&D strategy, business & market strategy, policy, and accompanying the digital transformation to make it possible to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Deliverables range from long-term advisory to sparring sessions, from external radar to workshops to written reports.
For startups, I try to be available as an an advisor or mentor where it makes sense for both parties, and I’m a mentor at Highway1 (San Francisco) and (Berlin).